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Crash Reconstruction and the Use of On-Board Crash Data (3.00)
Course number: Texas Only, Provider #: 89626, Course #: 94845
Expiration date: 2016-01-04

Learning Objectives:

This program will discuss the use of data stored in the event data recorder (EDR) that is provided by the air bag control module (ACM) in collisions where near deployment and deployment events occur using the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) tool. The focus will be on the reliability of the data and the use in crash reconstruction and impact Biomechanics.

This course will have three main topics of discussion. First, the capabilities and functions of the ACM will be discussed. Limitations of the EDR and the data obtained by downloading the stored information will be discussed. Second, we will discuss the analysis of the data and its application in evaluating car crashes with respect to liability and Biomechanical issues. Lastly, the discussion of real world cases and results of crash tests will reinforce the content.

Introduction to Low Speed Impact Biomechanics (3.0)
Course number: Texas Only, Provider #:89626, Course #: 94695
Expiration date: 2015-12-17
Energy isolator

This course will introduce the participant to the scientific analysis and techniques used in analyzing low velocity collisions and the injury criteria for these types of crashes. The course will define biomechanics and the three laws of motion postulated by Sir Isaac Newton. The course will then define injury criteria and thresholds pursuant to the most common type of low speed collision, such as rear end, sideswipe and lateral parking lot type collisions.

Finally, the course will cover the aspects that require analysis by the expert when a low speed collision analysis is undertaken. Key concepts will be reinforced with practical examples and crash test video. This course will further reinforce key concepts with crash data taken from low speed crash testing.